In January 2011, millions of Egyptians took to the streets in a spontaneous eruption against thirty years of oppression under the regime of Hosni Mubarak. Communicating via Facebook and Twitter, the largely peaceful protesters braved tear gas, beatings, and live bullets in the hope of facing down security forces and overthrowing the government. Over eight hundred lost their lives, and several thousand were arrested and tortured by security forces.

Mahmood Salem

UPRISING tells the story of the Egyptian revolution from the perspective of its leadership and key organizers, their struggle for freedom against tremendous odds, their sacrifice, and the courage and ingenuity that allowed them to succeed. Featuring major figures including four Nobel Peace Prize nominees, several Egyptian presidential candidates, the former foreign ministers of Egypt and Jordan, and former US Ambassadors and White House officials, along with never before seen footage, UPRISING provides

Amir Waked

the authoritative behind-the scenes view of one of the most dramatic events of our generation.

Abdallah Helmy
Edward Walker
Amr Moussa
Hossam Bahgat
Nadine Sherif
Lisa Anderson
Gigi Ibrahim
Rasha Abdulla
Hani Shukrallah